Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Ride of 2009

I got a call from my friend Mark yesterday about 11:30a wondering if I wanted to ride at the Pine Bush. Of course being the last day of the year I said HELL YES! It was snowing and the trails weren't too bad, hard and crunchy in some places which made it difficult but mostly doable. Rode for about and hour and a half. It was good to get out, haven't done any real activity in like 3 weeks. Also, I rode the rebuilt Marz fork on the Switch for the first time...very nice. Wish I could start the year the same way I ended the last one but I just don't have the time today...maybe this weekend...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MTB Ride at SMBA 11-30-2009

Got the chance to ride with a friend on the last day on my vacation. Made it up to Saratoga and was able to ride Dam Trail which I probably haven't been on in about two years. The weather was really nice and the trails were brutal. I definitely was not ready for the abuse that trail dishes out.

20091129 MTB SCP from John Ruiz on Vimeo.