Monday, September 13, 2010

Colonie Town Park Trails

According to the Capital MTB calendar it was supposed to be a co-ed Luna Chix ride but I showed up to find an all female troop. Ah well, I don;t mind riding by myself...again. I've been back there plenty of times but I am still not sure of where all the trails go. It didn't matter, I had no agenda...just to I did. The trails are in great shape, really dry and fast. There are quite a bit of leaves and sticks down which made cornering at speed tricky. These trails are really fun on a full suspension bike. Lots of rocks and roots back there to so I was doing my best to hit and kickers at speed and get some air. I was trying to ride some sections as fast as I could as well as rail the corners. I guess maybe I did have an agenda. I also found the point at which my tires brake loose in a corner. I didn't go down but I did have to hit the brakes. Probably the most exhilirating part of the ride. That and the rock jump at the entrance of the double track trails that lead to the boat launch along the Mohawk River. I love hitting that at speed. Clean entry, smooth take off and nice transition. You can get some serious air on that. Have to get some video next time. I rode the trails down there which aren't real exciting but they can be ridden fast which is fun. There is one section that runs along the Mohawk which is pretty rocky and rooty. It's fairly difficult, so it's an accomplishment if you ride the entire line without dabbing. After exiting this trail, I played on the rocks by the pavilion and then went down to the boat launch just in time to see the sun setting. A nice ending to the day.