Monday, January 10, 2011

First Ride of 2011!

20110105_SMBA Trails from John Ruiz on Vimeo.

This day was bitter sweet for me. It was my last day of vacation but my first ride of the New Year. I didn't really have much time to ride in Saratoga this past year so I figured what better way to kick off the New Year than to ride some of the most challenging terrain in the capital region. The fact that there is almost no snow back there right now is unbelievable. I hit all the new stuff too and it is awesome! Gnod, Porky Pine and Backstretch are all intermediate trails which will make it easier for more riders to enjoy the new stuff. There’s lots of flow, natural features as well as manmade bridges to add to the experience. Some also have go-arounds which will appeal to the less advanced riders. I also saw a few options which would appeal to the more advanced riders. The club did an amazing job on the new trails and it is a fantastic addition to the great trails already there. It was like rediscovering the trails all over again, reminded me of the first times I rode there.

One of my resolutions this year wasn’t necessarily to ride more often but to go on more rides that would last an hour or more. I spent 3 hours riding back there so this definitely qualifies. I can't wait to spend more time back there this year although it is a long drive. It took me about 45 minutes one way from my house in Delmar. It would probably take me 35 minutes if I left from work. Still if I can find the time the trails are well worth the while. Thanks to all who have donated and dedicated their time to making these trails great! To find out more about these incredible trails go here...

I took some pictures too and uploaded them to flickr. Go here to view them.