Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New bits for the Rocky

Early Spring found me pouring over websites for sales of any kind but particularly bike components. I had been eyeing several different parts but I wasn't making any purchases unless the price was right. I was sure if I waited long enough, what I wanted would be priced right.

I've been longing over some bits from Diety Components (http://www.deitycomponents.com/) for like ever. I love the Enoki grips as well as some of their bars and stems. I found out they were having a closeout sale on last years Dirty30 bars and the lifesaver bar ends. I jumped at the chance, I think the bar ends cost me $10, the bar was $25 and I think the grips were $20. Normal price for the grips but the bar and end caps were half off!

Okay, so now I needed a stem. There was a local guy selling a used Race Face Diabolus D2 stem for $45. The thing was practically brand new! It was also what I was looking for 70mm length with zero degree rise, 1.25" stem and 31.8mm clamp. I wanted something similar to my current stem, which was 50mm with zero degree rise, but just a bit longer so the front end wouldn't dance on steep climbs. The stem looks sick too, it's a perfect match for the Diety bits.

My first real ride with these parts was at Cunningham Park. What a difference from the last time I was there. The steering was so crisp, almost felt like when I had the triple crown up front. The bars, because of their width, also put me almost always in the optimal position. Helped keep my chest open for effective breathing and put my torso in attack position. I felt really confident riding with this setup and man does it look sweet!