Sunday, March 28, 2010

Singlespeed parts swap...part II

So I replaced the worn front cog and chain which according to my Park Tool chain stretch tool needs to be replaced. I also removed the Bushnell EBB and replaced the BB. Not sure which change fixed the knocking but its gone and that's all I care about. I am still waiting for my 34T FSA singlespeed ring to arrive at my LBS so for now I have a fairly new ramped and pinned 32T installed temporarily.

I swapped out the 90mm x 7 degree Bontrager stem for a 105mm x 10 degree Titec stem. So far it feels good, may have to adjust the height but the length seems good. This will also be stiffer than the Bontrager stem.

I also swapped the plastic water bottle cage for a couple of swank Bontrager carbon ones. These look really nice...almost too nice for this bike. I may try and pick up some carbon headset spacers to replace the steel ones. They'd be lighter and would tie in with the cages.

Next I need to replace the brake lines. they seem too flexible and engage the rear caliper when I turn the handle bar too far left of right. I am sure I have some lying around, just have to be sure it's stiffer than what I have now. Can't wait to get some free time so I can get a couple of rides under my belt with the new setup.