Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Singlespeed parts swap...part III

I picked up my new cog from High Adventure Ski and Bike on Monday. It's awesome having them so close to my work that I can run over during lunch and get exactly what I need. I am glad I went with the FSA over the Salsa because the look of the black with machined raw areas really tie into the Race Face crank I am running. I installed it last night and re-sized the chain to account for the extra two teeth. Two problems with this chain ring, it wants to mount on the opposite side of where the old one was which changes my chainline and the chain ring bolts I have are too long. I did find some spacers I could use and they work but I would rather get the proper sized bolts for this setup. Also, I'll need to adjust the BB cup spacers to try and shift the crankset over and try to maintain the original chainline.

I replaced the brake cable housing to the rear brake with some Jagwire housing I had lying around from previous bike builds. This cable is much stiffer and doesn't compress like the old one so response and brake feel is improved. I decided not to use the full length housing and utilize the interrupted cable guides on the frame instead. There are a couple of reasons fro this, they are tucked under the top tube so there's less chance of me catching the zip tie with my leg (I done this too many times and have bruises to prove it) and separates the movement of the handlebars and front cable housing from the rear caliper and rear cable housing. This eliminates the caliper engaging with the handles cranked to one side or the other.

One other thing, while adjusting the headset I noticed that it wasn't as smooth as it used to be. The setup I have now is cheep Aheadset with ball bearings. This headset has been on there for like the past four years and I think it's time to replace it. I have an old Race Face Team SL headset with cartridge bearings that I may put on there. It would be a huge upgrade to what I have on there now.

So I need to reposition the crank to improve the chain line, get the proper chain ring bolts or shorter spacers, and replace the headset. Good thing it's still raining here, otherwise I'd be pissed that I couldn't ride this now.