Friday, April 2, 2010

Rode SMBA for the first time this year

Had a half day today so I went and picked up a membership and drove up to Saratoga to ride. I took a co-worker of mine who just got a new Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC. Nice bike and perfect for these trails. We rode Pilgrim, 107, Bee, Ridgeline, High Noon, and a portion of the Carriage trail. The weather was perfect but I am soooooo out of shape and sooooo not used to riding up there. Definitely a different type of riding than what I normally do here in the Albany area. I really miss riding over bridges, rocks and logs...I love that type of technical riding. The climbing I could do without...just kidding but it just tells me I need to get out there and start riding/running/whatever to get in better shape. I am sick and tired of being the slow guy.