Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rear Hub on the Switch is Toast!

So had a great ride Tuesday during lunch at Schenectady Central Park with some of my co-workers. Trails were in great shape too. So we rode did log rides, skinnies and the ridge problems. I got home that night, took my bike off the rack and started wheeling it into the garage. It was then I noticed the rear wheel really dragging, looked like bent rotor. So I was going to swap it for a new one when on closer inspection I found that the hub is actually split at the drive side and has propagated more than half way across! The last thing I would expect is spitting my rear SCP no less. Not sure if this is just from age but I have never seen a failure like this. Too bad too cause I really liked this hub. Had to put on my rear DH wheel for now. Thank God for spare wheels.