Sunday, June 2, 2013

Local Rides: Luther Forest / NYSERDA STEP Trails

Was up at 6:30am with the dog because his bladder is the size of a bottle cap and he had to go. I had every intention of going mountain biking this weekend so I figured if I am already awake I probably should get out and ride before the day gets any older. Also, it wasn't going to get any cooler. I decided on going up to Malta because it drains well and Central Park is still wet from all the rain, Colonie and Lock 7 are probably in the same condition, I don't know the trails as well as I would like at Thatcher and same goes for Schodack. I was parked at the trail head and riding by 7:45am, awesome. I know the trails in Malta pretty well and also rode a couple of new ones...well new to me anyway. Definitely a good choice, even with all the rain the trails are in great shape. The surface was fairly tacky which was good for traction although there are several areas that are really sandy which made some of the hard corners precarious. I took the big bike today, seems I haven't trail ridden it in months and it showed. I am just so used to riding the SS that I had to take some time to acclimate. I was flying over logs and bombing down hills in no time. As much work as it is getting uphill, it definitely rewards on jumps and when the trail points down. I rode for about two hours and now I feel great! Wish I always had time to get up early and ride. Glad my wife was okay with staying with the kids too. Guess it's always give and take when you have a family.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Problem Solving: Why I love what I do.

104 Bronson: Design, Engineering & Product Development from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo. I am always fascinated by how companies, not just bike manufacturers, but companies that make all sorts of consumer products go through their design process. I guess its because I am a designer and work through similar processes. My job is just like Nick Anderson's...except I don't design bikes I design fuel cells. I even use the same design software he does. To be honest I do more than just the engineering part but that is my primary responsibility. I love how they look at problems encountered during the design process. Like me, they tend to look at things from a different perspective than someone not involved in product design. If someone where to ask me what my job is in just a few words, I would say "I solve problems, that's what I do." I love solving problems. I love being challenged, whether the problem is related to cost, some physical aspect like specific size or weight, or even performance driven. A problem isn't a's an opportunity for improvement. I love my job even though it might not be designing bikes it's still pretty cool.