Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Break in the Rain...Quick Go for a Ride!

I was able to get out and go for a ride this past Sunday. Feels like forever since I've ridden. We've been getting pounded with the rain, probably remnants of Nicole...bitch! Anyway some of my family was up visiting but left early on Sunday which gave me a small window...the wife was nice enough to let me get out for a bit too. Thanks sweetie!

BCHS high ropes course sign
I didn't really have the energy to pack up the car and drive to a trail so I just rode around our new neighborhood. After riding a while I remembered a trail that was on a piece of land sandwiched between Delaware Avenue and Route 32 so I decided to go check it out. It's a small piece of property but has some potential for a decent trail. There is some climbing but it's mostly flat and there are some trails existing. Could build a trail that circles the perimeter and then build a fun skills area in the middle. The one trail I took dumps out into a high ropes course which is part of Bethlehem Central High School from what I've read.

View from the bottom
of the trail head
I continued through that area which then led me to the school grounds. I did observe the posted signs for the high ropes course but didn't see anything else regarding the rest of the property. I'd like to actually contact the school or the town to find out exactly who owns that property. Maybe they'd allow a proper trail to be built? I don't like building without permission. This could actually be a really nice short track with a stunts area on the inside. Also it's a short bike ride from my house, maybe 20 minutes, for me to get there. Could probably link up that area and the Elm Ave Park area and make it a decent ride without having to drive anywhere. That's nice when you don't have a ton of free time.

Elm Avenue Park
From there I went back through the course and to the trail, scoped things out, and made my way back to Route 32. I rode back up to Elm Avenue and then over to the park and just kind rode through, played on some of the rocks and just enjoyed the nice weather. Not looking forward to more rain but at least this helps me get through.