Saturday, October 2, 2010

Software Favs: TwitPic, Google Chrome and Hootsuite

Here's a few of my favs for software I use almost everyday. Most of these are web-based and accessible from anywhere. My main reason for picking these was probably ease of use. I like simple, leaves more time to worry about more important things.

Wasn't looking for anything in particular when I started using this. Just wanted a way to upload pics from my phone and have them update my twitter account. It works well and haven't had any issues. Simple, just the way I like it.

Google Chrome
Been using it for about 3 weeks now and I love it! Nice and simple, easy to use, and it's got some cool features. Loads fast, uses tabs, has some cool themes and I like the new tab page.

Was looking for a program that would feed my blog to my facebook and twitter accounts. It's nice to only have to make updates in one place. I tried Twitterfeed but would have to manually set it every time to get it to actually work. Kind of defeats the purpose somewhat. I then read an article about using Hootsuite and gave it a try. Another nice feature is that I can see both twitter and facebook feeds at once. At one point I thought it wasn't working but realized I had it checking/feeding every 24 hours but thought it was every hour. So far it's working well. it's got a bunch of features I haven't even tried yet but looks promising. Will have more time to mess around with this in the coming months.