Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Took the girls out this morning while Tasha was out getting last minute stuff for dinner and picking up my Niece from Siena. I had to get them out of the house to "get the bugs out". Can't keep them cooped up when the weather is this nice. I raked up a pile of leaves for them to play in and got some great shots. They had fun. After that we went in and had lunch. Later on we had my in-laws over for dinner, which was tasty. They were nice enough to stick around and give out candy while we went around the neighborhood with the girls.

Eliana was Cleopatra and Karina was a cute little puppy. Both costumes were fantastic, props to my wife for hooking the girls up. Our new neighborhood is great for trick-or-treating. Lots of kids. Everyone we've met so far seem so nice. We ended up walking around with our next door neighbors. They have three kids. Karina had a blast, this is the first time she's really gotten into the whole Halloween thing. After the first couple of houses she was on a mission to get more candy. It was windy out so it was kinda cold and it started to rain and then hail the first 10 minutes we were out. It cleared up after that but I ended taking Karina home early, besides her bucket was full. Tash came back later with Ellie. Moving was a good idea. Today was great! Trick or Treat? Definitely  treat!